Gibson Lau Chung Fat 5分鐘 炭筆速寫
HK Artist & Owner of Gibson workshop, HongKong
Workshop:Rm U 6/F, BlockII, Kin Ho Inductrial Building, 14-24 Aui Pui Wan Street, Fo Tan, Shatin, N.T., HK.

電郵地址 Tel: 95825470 )

( Portrait / Still life / Landscape / Animal poultry / Still things, flowers, fruits / European scenery / Towns And Villages )

Master Lau has fourteen years not picked up a brush, concentrate on transporting workers of Coca-Cola drinks, as 
he buried his talent, he was often condemned by his friends. Until his retirement, Master Liu decided to 
pick up a painting brush again and go onto the Busy area - Mongkok (HK) became a street painter. "Surprise......

Gibson Lau Chung Fat Art - Teaching emphasize both traditional and contemporary design skills. Provide students 
a foundation of problem solving skills that will help them master the art of drawing and design. Learn 
techniques that are used professionally and start creating your own style that can lead into many professions.
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Television 訪問:
¦ 16-01-2012 Big Boys Club 兄弟幫 第 499 集 我手畫我心 ¦
¦ 17-01-2012 Big Boys Club 兄弟幫 第 500 集 真情.畫意 ¦
¦ 18-11-2012 Cool Guide 第 7 集 至 Cool Sketch & Paint ¦
¦ 20-02-2014 區區有運行 第 9 集 蘇師傅解構火炭區的未來藝術發展 ¦
¦ 02-02-2014 鏗鏘集 漂泊的舞台 ¦
¦ 16-04-2017 屢見耆工2 第15集 瘋狂畫家 ¦

 劉忠發先生( HK - Artist - Gibson Lau Chung Fat )
Gibson Lau Art - Paintings & Charcoal Drawing ( Hong Kong )

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有 興 趣 或 愛 好 人 士 , 可 致 電 詢 問 詳 情 。【 現正招生 】

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